New Zealand (NZ) landscape art prints by Grant McSherry

What makes Grant McSherry limited edition New Zealand landscape art prints different?

Artist Grant McSherry on Mt TaranakiThe same attention to detail that brings original Grant McSherry art to life makes his oil paintings ideal for producing limited edition art prints that more people can afford to enjoy. Because all Grant McSherry art prints are limited run, the images will never be common. This means buyers gain the benefit of art print pricing along with an element of rarity and individuality associated with limited edition runs.

New Zealand landscape art prints made in NZ.

Grant McSherry works with the best New Zealand suppliers to help capture the essence of each of his New Zealand landscape oil paintings and reproduce them as quality art reproductions. Grant McSherry stands at the printing press during each short run of art prints on paper to ensure the quality meets his personal standards, brand values and most importantly, the buyer's expectations.

Each New Zealand landscape art print is a quality, large format size. Artist Grant McSherry produces two types of landscape art print for you to choose from.


1. Traditional art prints on paper

All landscape art prints are limited edition and each art print is hand numbered and signed by the painter, Grant McSherry.

The art prints are produced on A1 sheet size in Canterbury New Zealand. They are delivered to you in a sturdy cardboard cylinder to ensure that your print arrives in excellent condition. Because the art prints are unframed, freight costs are minimal (free within NZ) and you get to choose a frame and mountings to suit your décor from your own local picture framer.

2. Giclee limited edition fine art prints

Giclee (jhee – clay) or “Iris” printing is an art form in itself. Giclee is the best reproduction option for the discerning buyer.

Giclee printing yields accuracy and richness of colour beyond that which can be achieved through other reproduction techniques. An added benefit of Giclee printing is that the prints can be produced on a similar material to the original art work. nz on Giclee prints are produced on archival quality canvas, giving you a reproduction as close to the original as possible. This means your Giclee print captures the essence of the original at a fraction of the price. Each Giclee comes with a certificate of authenticity and is hand signed and numbered by artist Grant McSherry in pencil on the reverse side.
The inks used to create the Giclees have been thoroughly tested. The rated lifespan is over 100 years under museum conditions.

The general view is that the term 'Giclee' originated in 1991 to refer to fine art prints created with digital output. It was intended to be a word, which would be added to the directory of printmaking terms. It's derivation comes from the word "Gicleur", the French word for nozzle. Gicler is the French verb "to spray" (as from a nozzle) and thus the direct object of the spraying nozzle would be 'Giclee'. quality Giclee prints are crafted in Canterbury NZ by a specialist in the art print field. As with the art prints on paper, Giclee prints are delivered to you in a sturdy cardboard cylinder to keep freight to a minimum while ensuring that your print arrives in top condition. The art prints are unframed so you get to choose the right frame for your décor from your own local picture framer.

Please allow a two-week production time for the creation of your Giclee fine art print.

How to order your Grant McSherry art print.

Ordering is easy. Just go to our art prints page or Giclee page and click the appropriate PayPal button. Once you have made your secure transaction Michelle and Grant will process your order and organise the delivery of your print.

Please remember that while the print is yours once paid for, the copyright and the only rights to reproduce the image remain with the artist.