This Newfoundland Dog content began in 2004 when we used our art website to easily access favourite photos of 'Wellington' our first Newfoundland dog.

After a while the page, which was well hidden from our art content, became searchable in its own right and other Newfy enthusiasts began to visit us. From there we decided to make Wellington's photo page into a Q&A about Newfoundlands, providing answers to the questions we would inevitably be asked every time we were out on a walk.

When Newfoundland puppy 'Henry' joined our family in 2006 we began a photographic blog, often incorporating our stunning New Zealand Alpine vistas and more recently, snippets of life in quake stricken Canterbury.

Having received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and traffic, we made our Newfoundland dog content highly accessible, with a view to creating an independent Newfoundland dog website sometime in the near future. On facebook we provide NZ Newfy (and we love ‘likes’!).

Our purpose is to share our life with Newfies with anyone interested so if you are a 'dog person' we trust you will enjoy our Newfoundland puppy & dog section, indexed below. Please note that all images on this site are copyright.

Newfoundland Wellington with Michelle

Frequently asked questions about Newfoundland dogs featuring Wellington, our first Newfy. Wellington is pictured left with Michelle.

Wellington was a real character. We put together some amusing anecdotes about his antics.

Follow Newfoundland Henry's adventures from just five days of age in 2006 to the present with friends Wellington and Enzo.


Baby Newfoundland puppy, Henry P1 - Choosing Henry - The litter from 5 days to 9 weeks old.

P2 - Henry meets Wellington & experiences his first big snow.

P3 - First time in the water and photos from 5 to 13 months of age

P4 - 17 - 28 months - Swimming, firstChristmas parade & more fun in the snow.

Newfoundlands Enzo & Henry on Enzo's first birthdayP5 - Wellington passes & our third Newfoundland puppy 'Enzo' arrives. Henry & Enzo begin water rescue training.

P6 - Henry's 3rd birthday, a winter trip to the mountains & a summer trip to the Rakaia River.

P7 - Henry turns four and Enzo turns two, winter swims at the beach.

P8 - Earthquake, Ribbon Parade, trip to the Waimakariri River and enzo's first Christmas Parade

P9 - From Boxing Day 2010; Another major quake, Enzo wins at the local A&P show.

Newfoundland Enzo at Lake WanakaP10 - Winter snow at home, a visit to Mesopotamia and the Newfy boys get their very own cart. 

P 11 - A springtime holiday at stunning Lake Wanaka. The Southern Newfoundland Society dedicates a cart in memory of Wellington. Rangiora Christmas parade 2011.

P12 - Water work with the Newfy club, carting at the Brooklands gala Day 2012, Enzo learns to tow a dinghy


Newfoundland Enzo in Lake ColeridgeP13 - - A trip to the Christchurch 'Container Mall', last swim with Newf club friends for the season. An autumn trip to Lake Coleridge.

P14 - - Grooming Newfoundlands Henry and Enzo with a blow dryer, autumn walk in Hagley Park Christchurch with friends from the Southern Newfoundland Society, the winter of 2012 arrives with plenty of snow.

P15 - - Fun in the snow during the winter of 2012, the girl next door.

P16 - Henry & Enzo explore quake ravaged Christchurch City.

P17 - Newfoundland Enzo furthers his water rescue training, 2012 Rangiora Christmas Parade.

P18 - 2013 summer fun for Newfoundlands Henry & Enzo.

P19 - How many Newfs in a dinghy is too many?.


Newfoundlands Henry & EnzoP20 - Snowtime 2013, Henry & Enzo are subjects of an oil painting, Short movie of Enzo singing to the town's fire siren. A short spring break at Akaroa.

P21 - Join Henry & Enzo on a trip to Central Otago, New Zealand.

P22 - Some final pics as we farewell our boy Henry.

Newfoundland Kiwa




Newfoundlands around the world

Photos of Newfoundlands that our site visitors have sent from around the globe.