Henry & Enzo with their chewbonesHere we are celebrating Henry’s third birthday.

On a birthday the boys get a rotisserie cooked chicken with the bones removed, a ritual that goes back to when Wellington was young.

They devoured the chicken in seconds (nanoseconds in Enzo’s case as he has perfected the art of eating most things without having to use teeth).


The boys are pictured here enjoying a new rawhide chewy each, having finished their chicken, which no camera would be fast enough to capture.

8 month old Enzo & 3 year old Henry enjoy an autumn walk.


April 7th 2009 saw the first snowfall on the Alps for the year. Here Michelle and the boys are enjoying our local environment.

Enzo (8 months & 58 kilos) is now quickly catching Henry (3 years & 60 kilos) in size.

Newfoundland puppy Enzo's big feet.


Enzo's feet are larger than Henry's which makes us think that Enzo will grow to be a big Newf.

Although Henry was 60 kilos at eight months old, in hindsight we think we had him carrying too much weight at that time.

A black Newfy bear and a brown Newfy bear cub in the woods




We took the boys for a walk in the bush around Mt Hutt during the same Easter break that we took the two photos above.

Although they loved the experience we didn't walk too far in order to take care of Enzo's young bones. We will definitely come back to this place when Enzo is old enough to go for a decent tramp. Henry, full of enthusiasm, looked set to trek for the day. It was great for me to get a tow uphill on the end of Henry's lead!

This sparked a memory of a time we walked Wellington in the bush track area of the Port Hills in Christchurch. He was off-lead and slightly ahead of us when we rounded a bend to find a terrified Asian tourist huddled into a tree... It turned out that she thought Wellington was a bear...

What's this stuff then?









May 31 2009 brought Newfoundland Enzo's first snow. Having tried eating it, he is pictured here deep in thought, probably pondering what else the stuff might be good for.

He definitely didn't see anything quite like this on the lawn in Australia!

Newfoundland Enzo at exactly one year of age


Enzo's first birthday was July 18 2009.

As it was a stunning winter's day, we decided to go for a drive into the mountains to give the boys a fun outing.

Enzo was already taller, broader and heavier than Henry. Ian, his breeder, told us that Enzo probably wouldn't reach his full height until he was 17 months old.

Newfoundland Henry at three years old







Our Henry has grown up to be a fine looking chap and because he is generally very obedient, he is a real joy to take on excursions.

His responsiveness made it easy to take the two Newfs out and about because if we called Henry they both came back...

Newfoundlands Henry & Enzo playing in the snow




The boys enjoyed the alpine environment that day at least as much as we did. The following morning they queued up at the car, presumably wanting to repeat the experience.



Enzo & Henry in the Rakaia River


Five months later we're back to summer.

December 29th 2009 was a warm nor' westerly day in the mountains and Newfoundlands Henry & Enzo enjoyed a splash around in the Rakaia river.

Newfoundland Enzo at 17 months of age.

Enzo was 17 months old and beginning to look mature. He weighed around 63 kilos. At the same age Wellington, who grew to be 70 kilos was 58 kilos.

Henry was also 63 kilos at 17 months.

It appears that many people wanting to know how heavy their Newfoundland dog should be search our site. We believe that just as with people there is no set weight for any given age. It seems that Newfs reach differing adult weights at differing ages depending on their lines.

If you are unsure in regard to how much or what to feed your Newf, talk to your breeder or vet.

Newfoundland Henry




Henry's fourth birthday was only a couple of months away. He weighed around 61 kilos.

Enzo & Henry in the Rakaia River


As usual the two had a great day at the Rakaia, doing a little four wheel driving, watching cattle on the roadside, driving through a mob of sheep and then enjoying a dip in the river.

Enzo was keen to put his head under to retrieve stones from the bottom that we had thrown to him.

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